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 The Compound is North County San Diego’s best place for cross training.

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If you’re getting ready for the Cross Fit Games, or American Ninja Warrior, or any Mud run or obstacle course race, this is where you want to be.

Constantly varied

Each workout will vary from day to day.  Some days it may contain weightlifting movements, bodyweight movements, running/rowing/biking, or jumping…  Or any combination of these things.

Functional movements – These movements are natural movements that we see in our daily lives.  Getting in and out of chairs (squatting), picking up heavy items (deadlifting, cleaning), putting something heavy on the top shelf of the closet (pressing, jerking),chasing after your child who is about to run into the street (running, jumping).   

Relative high intensity

 What is high intensity for one person may not be for another.  

 Each day, our coaches have a workout programmed for you.  A warmup, a strength session, and a metobolic conditioning wod.  You just showup, be ready to workout.  We take the guesswork out of it, and our coaches guide you every step of the way.

Go with Experience!

At the Compound we have simply the best facility and best and largest training staff  in the North County San Diego area. We are also the FIRST ever MMA and Fitness gym in North County San Diego with our roots starting in 2007.


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At The Compound MMA. we absolutely love first-time cross trainers.  We take the time to work with you, at your level, making sure you get the best workout possible while staying safe.

 If you want to be in the best shape of your life, make some amazing friends, and be part of our our family, call or email today and come in for your FREE class!

(760) 966-0776