The Compound is North County San Diego’s best place for kids fitness and exercise.

In the world which we live today, every child can benefit from studying martial arts there are myriad of benefits from your child participating in a martial arts program. Your child will develop their physical fitness and create a foundation to excel not only in sports but in life.

We Will Teach Your Child Self Defense and More through Martial Arts Training

Physically your child will learn self-defense, improve their speed, balance, and coordination and prepare them for more advanced training and physical sports. As your child advances they will progress to a more advanced techniques.

Martial arts will not only improve your child’s self-esteem, self control and managing emotions, it will also help them develop discipline, respect for others, Focus, and goal setting skills, all of which are ever so important in the development of our youth.

What Your Child Will Learn

During the 45 minute class children will learn technique in Brazilian Jujitsu, Wrestling, Muay Thai kickboxing. They will learn and practice kicking, punching,blocking, yelling for self-defense purposes, running, and jumping in a safe, encouraging, and fun environment where mutual respect for their teammates, coaches, and the gym is required at all times.

We Encourage Healthy Competition

We fully encourage all the kids to compete. Competing promotes competitive social interaction with a little taste of the real world in a controlled atmosphere. If your child does not express interest in competing, The Compound is a safe haven for shy children to break out of their shells, become more social, and achieve personal goals.

Get Started Today!

Drive on down and your child will be able to participate in a free trial class so they can experience The Compound, where we train like it matters!

And don’t forget mom and dad stay for a free class at 6 PM to experience your own compound way of life.

We are a family Gym where there are activities entertainment and safe areas for your kids to mingle and hang out before, during, and after ANY class.

We offer kids class Monday -Friday at 5pm.

Kids martial arts class is geared towards kids ages 5 to 12. We place a heavy emphasis on building your child’s confidence and personal achievement. Coaches strongly encourage children to learn at their own pace.


Kids Muay Thai/kickboxing:
Teaches the art of eight weapons your child will learn kicks, knees, elbows, and the art of clinching.

Kids wrestling:
Children will learn Basic fundamental techniques using both the upper and lower body including take downs, body grappling techniques, and drilling what they have learned.

Kids Boxing:
This class is open to all ages and experience levels and is offered at 6 PM Monday and Wednesdays.

Basic technique and boxing skills will be taught during the class consisting of shadowboxing, pod work, bag work, partner drills, and cardio. Your child will master stands, movement, and footwork.

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