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Judo Training

Learn throws, tosses, how to fall, gi manipulation, foot  sweeping, and upper body control.

Judo is advantageous for those trying to belt up or promote through the traditional martial arts belt ranking system.

Aside from being a good Judoka (judo player) the gi techniques and belt manipulation learned in judo will most definitely result in better Jiu Jitsu and MMA competition results.

Take a look at Hector Lombard or Rhonda Rowsey 2 former Judo Olympians that are now thriving in other areas of martial arts.

Start your Saturday mornings right by training at The Compound.

At the Compound we have simply the best facility and best and largest training staff  in the North County San Diego area. We are also the FIRST ever MMA and Fitness gym in North County San Diego with our roots starting in 2007.

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