Are You Looking for a Mid Day Workout?

If you’re looking for a mid day workout look no further…

Strength and conditioning at the compound is designed to increase physical strength through weight-bearing and resistance exercises. All your major muscle groups will be held while we train with a purpose of constantly getting stronger and challenging yourself with increased weight.

Get ready to  strengthen both your muscular and cardiovascular systems, by using various weights and gym equipment. Every class will have heavy emphasis on core and abdominal muscle workouts.  Free weights, exercise machines/and conditioning activities will be incorporated to promote improvement in strength, endurance, balance, agility, and speed.

Obstacle course training will also be incorporated into the strength and conditioning program. At the compound we have a full-scale obstacle course, which includes 2 Salmon ladders, a Johnny ladder, uneven monkey bars, suspended monkey bars, 30 ft climbing rope, rock climbing wall, 6-1/2 ft traversing wall, and Olympic Rings. We will get you ready for your next obstacle course race and to be better prepared for every day life.

On Friday’s the class is centered around cross training and Olympic lifting.

The exercises performed require both explosive and functional strength, while taking your body through maximum range of motions.

During this 60min class you will use one of the four squat racks, Olympic weight bars, and the dead let trap bar. This class is a must if you are looking to get stronger!!

Instead of falling victim to at home workout programs, machines, and expensive DVDs promising fast results, do the real workouts those video trainers do to achieve those amazing, jaw dropping results, and try one of our strength and conditioning classes today!

If you want to be in the best shape of your life, make some amazing friends, and be part of our our family, call or email today and come in for your FREE class!

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